Books: Better Than Reality - Vinyl Sticker
Books: Better Than Reality - Vinyl Sticker
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Books: Better Than Reality - Vinyl Sticker


Who doesn't love losing themselves in a good book? Literary escapism has to be one of the best pastimes, sometimes to the point when it's hard to think of anything else and you can't wait to return to your imagined world.

This vinyl sticker featuring a pastel coloured stack of books and white text that reads "Books: Better Than Reality". Let everyone know you'd rather be reading by sticking this to all your stuff.

These stickers are made of glossy, coated vinyl custom cut around the design: it's scratch and weather proof, and printed in long lasting no-fade colours. It's part of our Library Card Collection and we have lots of book related stuff in our Books section.

Measurements: 5 cm diameter
Sticker Material: Coated Vinyl (high quality, UV stable, weather and scratch proof)
Frequently bought with: Wizard Class Vinyl Sticker Set
Shipping: 1-5 days to UK, 2-3 weeks to Rest of World (from date of shipping) - see the FAQ for more information.