HOYFC Sustainability - Cello Bags

HOYFC Sustainability - Cello Bags

Many of our products are sent to our customers in a clear sleeve to protect the item from scratches and dust during posting and storage. The bags we were using were made from polypropylene or PVC which are fossil fuel derived and non renewable, so we did some research into a greener alternative.

Enamel Pin Packaging

We discovered Eco-Craft who provide bio-film clear display bags which are both biodegradable and compostable. The bio-film is manufactured in Germany and then made into bags in the UK. HOYFC are now moving towards using these because they are made from annually renewable corn/potato starch which breaks down into CO2 and water.

Enamel Pins Packaging

Our new biodegradable bags are slightly less robust than their polypropylene equivalents, but otherwise they are very similar. If you'd like to keep your HOYFC product in its display bag, don't worry, it won't biodegrade immediately! The shelf life at room temperature, kept away from humidity, and direct sunlight should run to years.

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