HOYFC Production Partners - Interplanetary Print Syndicate

HOYFC Production Partners - Interplanetary Print Syndicate

At HOYFC we work with lots of incredible partners to make our products! We're showcasing some of the excellent companies we work with on the blog so you can see how your favourite HOYFC products are made.

Edinburgh based printing company Interplanetary Print Syndicate have been making beautiful screen prints for us for a while now and we love the work they do. You may have seen our most recent collaboration: we think these new "I Know Where My Towel Is" Tea Towels turned out super well.

Initially, the design was drawn up on the computer by Sally from HOYFC. Then we contacted Interplanetary Print Syndicate to discuss the details and decided on a two tone gradient print on a white tea towel.

Screen printing uses a mesh blocking stencil and a tool called a "squeegee" to push ink through the mesh onto the material. The ink only transfers to the areas permitted by the stencil so you can get detailed, crisp looking designs. You can see the bright pink and blue inks that we chose for the print in the picture above.

Here's what it looks like on the other side! This two colour technique is known as "split fountain" printing - a typical screen print involves one colour, but you can use two (or more) to create some lovely effects. You can see other examples of this technique with our I'm Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity T-Shirts and I Got Dressed Today T-Shirts.

Once the image has been printed the ink is dried and heat cured to prevent the design from fading. Then it's ready to go!

Thanks so much to Interplanetary Print Syndicate for the beautiful prints, these photographs of their process and for all their support making Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes products come to life.

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