Meet the HOYFC Staff!

Meet the HOYFC Staff!

There's a small team of hardworking people over at HOYFC HQ, so we thought it would be good to introduce ourselves so you can learn a bit about what goes on behind the scenes!

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes Staff

Name: Sally
Job at HOYFC: Boss lady, product designer, jewellery maker, order packer, photographer, website maintainer, email responder, tea drinker, mess maker.
What's the best thing about working at HOYFC?: I love designing new things: I enjoy designing and making things that I'd like to wear or use myself, so I'm always delighted when customers like them too. I feel very privileged to be able to continue running HOYFC and its all down my excellent team and the support of our awesome customers, who are THE BEST. Also, sometimes we get donuts.
What's your favourite HOYFC product?: I wear my Coping Admirably Enamel Pin a lot: it's like my good luck charm.
What do you like to do outside of HOYFC?: I'm a doctor, so I'm usually just at work! I also love rollerskating, weight lifting and hanging out with my boyfriend and my cats Harry and Chi.
Describe yourself in three words: Ginger, enthusiastic, tired.

MJ Wallace HOYFC Staff

Name: MJ
Job at HOYFC: Order Packer, Tea Maker, Email Writer, Post Office Gal, Cat Wrangler, Podcast Aficionado
What's the best thing about working at HOYFC?: Being surrounded by cute stuff! I enjoy knowing that the pins, stickers and other goodies I'm packing will brighten someone's day or be given as a lovely gift. Also, my coworkers have good chat! (especially Chi and Harry).
What's your favourite HOYFC product?: My Bright Colour Wheel Earrings - the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.
What do you like to do outside of HOYFC?: I'm a comic artist and illustrator - you can see my work at I also love playing (and running) tabletop RPGs, and I'm a co-host of Angel Two (a feminist Star Trek podcast).
Describe yourself in three words: Sturdy, Nerdy and Wordy (those all *sort of* rhyme, right?).

Claire Stewart HOYFC Staff

Name: Claire
Job at HOYFC: Assistant Packing Master, Post Officer Runner, Chocolate Muncher, Coffee Gulper
What's the best thing about working at HOYFC?: HOYFC is definitely the most colourful job I have ever had, quite literally! It sounds corny but I love being surrounded by all these super bright, colourful, glittery products, packing them up, and sending them off into the world and to their new homes! It's very methodical and productive and I love that.
What's your favourite HOYFC product?: The first pin I bought from HOYFC was the purple Strong As Fuck Pin. It’s such a short, sharp, and simply mantra and it’s perfect for repeating on days where I don’t feel as strong as I know I am. Also, the I Got Dressed Today bobble hat which I wear rain and shine, haha.
What do you like to do outside of HOYFC?: I’m currently studying for my Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, which is hard but very rewarding! I have an under-grad in animation and have worked as an illustrator for years, so when I’m not studying, sleeping or hanging out at the pub, I’m usually tucked up in my bedroom drawing on my beloved graphics tablet.
Describe yourself in three words: Anxious, enthusiastic, busy!

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