The Giant Lanterns of China

The Giant Lanterns of China

Edinburgh Zoo is well known for it's extensive collection of animals and conservation work, but over the past few months it's been home to a huge collection of Chinese lanterns. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the Giant Lanterns of China exhibition before it finished so I thought I'd share some photos of how magical the zoo was at night!

The exhibition featured over 450 bespoke lanterns created by hand by Chinese artists of the VYA Creative Lantern Company. Some were massive structures the size of buildings:

Others were much smaller, like this angry looking cat - he was my favourite!

It was such an amazing exhibition, I'd love to see it again if it ever returns. I'll need to go back to the zoo when the animals are awake so I can check out the real penguins.

Have you been to any good exhibitions recently?
Feb 24, 2018

Wow looks stunning!

Rebecca Innes

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