International Cat Day

International Cat Day

It's International Cat Day! Celebrate your favourite furry friends with these cute, cat-related products and gifts that we've collected for you (for those for whom every day is cat day!).

Frankie The Cat Enamel Pin from Nikki McWilliams

Nikki McWilliams has immortalised her lovely cat Frankie the Forest Cat in enamel pin form. He's so fluffy! You can follow Frankie on his Instagram page for more of his majestic face. Nikki has also recently adopted a tiny kitten from Cyprus called Raj: you can catch up with his (extremely cute) exploits on her Instagram.

Kitty Coaster from Finest Imaginary

These adorable Kitty Coasters from Finest Imaginary are available in three cat based colours and would look perfect on the coffee table. Until your cat knocks them off... 


Sometimes owning a cat can be a challenge and these Cat Person Achievement Stickers from HOYFC recognise that with these reward stickers. Printed onto colourful vinyl, these stickers are perfect for cat people.

Aristocat Shirt (Pink) from Miss Patina

Look at this cat shirt! Not only is the kitty collar incredible, the cats-playing-instruments pattern is ridiculously cute. It's called the Aristocat Shirt and it's from Miss Patina.

Enamel cat shoelace charms from I Like Cats

It wouldn't be National Cat Day without mentioning I Like Cats, the essential shopping destination for cat lovers (and dogs too!). Now you can show your love for all things cat related by covering yourself literally head to toe in cat related merchandise. These rose gold Enamel Cat Shoelace Charms are my favourites!

HOYFC HQ has it's own two furry pals, Harry and Chi. Chi is quite a nervous kitty, but loves to play games once she gets to know you. She's very naughty and loves anything that is Not For Cats. Harry is a big fluff ball and mostly likes sleeping, eating and being brushed (which is good because he needs it!).

HOYFC Cats ChiHOYFC Cats Harry

If you'd like to adopt a furball of your own and you're ready for the responsibility, you should check out Cats Protection for more information. You can use their Find-A-Cat tool to find a local kitty who is well matched to you and your life.

Do you have a cat or are you thinking about adopting one?

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