Six Things - LGBTQ+ Pride Pins

Six Things - LGBTQ+ Pride Pins

I recently wrote a "Six Things" blog post about LGBTQ-owned businesses featuring cute products from indie designers and makers. In researching this (i.e. browsing Pinterest) I found SO MANY beautiful pins I had to make a separate wishlist: I really struggled to narrow it down to six LGBTQ+ themed pins, but these are the ones I need in my life.


LGBT Pride Pin

LGBTQ+ Pride Pin | Bianca Designs

You can pick up this pin in the original Pride flag colours with gold or black plating from Bianca Designs - they have a whole LGBTQ+ Pride Section and some excellent free downloadable desktop computer wallpaper, mobile lock-screens or backgrounds.



Gaaaaay Pin | Jen Bartel

A colourful hard enamel pin by illustrator and comic artist Jen Bartel (I've been enjoying her most recent comic series Blackbird, you should check it out). She also has a collection of Space Pride Patches, because who doesn't love space gays.


Queer As Day Pinriotcakes

Darcy created "riotcakes" to make the world a brighter place and help dismantle oppression and this pin certainly fulfils those criteria. There's loads of lovely LGBTQ+ stuff in their shop!



Trans Resist Pin | Gay Pin Guys

Not only is this pin a visual delight, 20% of the profits from each pin sold go to Trans Lifeline. There are Queer Pins aplenty in this store!


Love Is Love Pin | Girl Party Shop

This alternative to the standard colourful rainbow is understated and beautiful, made in top quality gold cloisonne. Girl Party have lots of lovely feminist pins too.


Come Out For LGBT Pin | Stonewall

 Stonewall is an LGBT charity and their new campaign asks you to visibly show your support for LGBT equality and encourage others to do the same.


Which one is your favourite? Or do you have another suggestion for the list? Leave a comment below!

Our own Pride Collection is available on our website if you'd like to take a look. Happy Pride everyone!

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