HOYFC Stockist Profile - Spiffy

HOYFC Stockist Profile - Spiffy

This blog post was written by HOYFC Staff member MJ.

Spiffy ("The Happiness Shop") is a magical place in Carmarthen, West Wales. They sell cards, gifts, books, and lots of other beautiful things, all with a focus on positivity, fun, and mental wellbeing. They are also one of our lovely stockists! Paul and Shaun were kind enough to let us interview them, so read on to learn all about Spiffy.

How long have you owned Spiffy?
Two years - in fact we just celebrated our 2nd birthday this week!

Congratulations! What made you decide to open a gift shop?
I [Paul] trained as a coach/counsellor and my partner trained as a primary school teacher. We both struggled with our mental health in our early 20s, so we decided to become masters of our own destiny, throw all our ideas together and Spiffy was the result!

Enamel Pin by Whale and Bird, available at the Spiffy online shop.

Where did the name "Spiffy" come from?
We wanted a word that made you feel happy, and Spiffy was a word we used to throw around between the two of us. One day, one of us said we were “feeling a bit spiffy” and it all clicked into place!

What are the best and worst parts of being an independent shop owner?
We love the freedom, the creativity and how every day is different. We’re constantly looking for new goodies, desiring some of our own, and we all do it ourselves, and have complete control. The long working hours and the general ups and downs of being a small business owner take their toll, but we’re pretty good at looking after ourselves and taking each day as it comes.

Wall Art by Bowler Bear Designs, available at the Spiffy online shop.

How do you decide which small businesses to stock in the shop?
A mixture of factors. We try to stock as many UK-owned, indie business brands as we can. We also look for brands/designers that are trying promoting a mix of happiness, positivity, self-care, mindfulness and positive mental wellbeing in whatever they do. Plus it’s got to be colourful and fun! Sometimes it’s just things that make us smile and we hope our customers feel the same!

What are your bestsellers?
Our enamel pin range, especially our HOYFC designs! The Professional Overthinker Enamel Pin is by far one of the most popular pins we’ve ever stocked!

Enamel pins by us! Available at the HOYFC or Spiffy online shops.

Aww, that's great to hear! What are your favourite HOYFC products? Awkward and Uncoordinated is a favourite design of ours! :)

Mine too! Finally, if Spiffy had a motto or catchphrase, what would it be?
Everybody deserves to live a happy and positive life, and you are no exception! :)

Thanks, guys!

Cushion by Gemma Correll, available at the Spiffy online store.

So, if you're near Carmarthen make sure you stop by Spiffy for a visit. If you are too far away to stop by (like me) and are sad about that (also like me), you can always visit the Spiffy website! They have tons of lovely items available in their online shop, and the Spiffy blog has great articles about mental health and wellbeing. I also recommend following them on Instagram and Facebook for a burst of positivity in your feed.

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