Six Things - Abortion Rights

Six Things - Abortion Rights

I've been feeling increasingly angry and frustrated with the escalation and perpetuation of anti-abortion legislation, including Northern Ireland, Malta, Poland and multiple USA states, so I was delighted to see indie makers designing lovely things I can wear to make my feeling clear.



Free Safe Legal Necklace | Black Heart Creatives

This protest style necklace from Black Heart Creatives comes in pastel colours or black so can you choose the perfect one to complement your style whilst fighting the oppression of individuals able to conceive. 20% of the profits from the sales of this necklace go to Alliance 4 Choice so it's basically perfect.


Hello I Am In Charge of My Body and My Uterus Patch | Doodle People

A lovely mustard yellow patch with a very important message to those who want to remove our right to bodily autonomy.


Legal Abortion Saves Lives Pin | A Fink & Ink

A Fink & Ink in Minneapolis is now taking pre-orders for this pin which highlights that making abortion illegal doesn't stop it happening, it just prevents it happening safely.


Pro Life Is Anti Choice StickerFatQueerOnWheels

Pastel rainbow handmade stickers reminding everyone that "pro life" is a misnomer: this view disregards the life of the pregnant individual and removes their autonomy.


Choice Unisex Tee | Us by Design

Every human with a uterus should be able to govern their own bodies! Shout it loud with this tee which comes in white or black and 30% of net proceeds benefit The Yellowhammer Fund, which helps people in Alabama get care at the state's three abortion clinics or helps them get abortions out of state when needed.


It's Not Pro-Life, It's Pro-Control Enamel PinHOYFC

Pro-life supporters seem all for life when it comes hand in hand with the control of people with a uterus. However their interest and enthusiasm for protecting life seems to drop off significantly immediately after birth...


Have you seen any other awesome products that you think would make a good addition to our list?

Thanks for taking a look!




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