Thanks Random Man, Your Opinion Is Noted - Call Out For HOYFC Zine Submissions!

Thanks Random Man, Your Opinion Is Noted - Call Out For HOYFC Zine Submissions!

I'm excited to be working on a the first ever HOYFC zine! As director of HOYFC, I get a lot of unsolicited advice via emails, messages, comments, tweets and DMs, letting me know exactly how I should be running my business, how I should change my designs for the better, how I should talk to people, how I should dress, etc. This advice is almost exclusively from men, never asked for and always met with exasperation.

I'm sure almost all of you have received some unwanted advice in your career or social life: if you're willing to share it, I'd love to hear it and potentially publish it in our new zine "Thanks Random Man, Your Opinion Is Noted".

Submission Template

  • Name: You can use your name, a pseudonym or remain anonymous if you wish!
  • Job Title: (If relevant to your story)
  • Website: Please include any links to your website or social media so I can credit you appropriately.
  • Unsolicited Advice: You can copy and paste your unsolicited advice or write a transcript if it was verbal. A short explanation of the context would be much appreciated and if the "advice" was about a design or product you make please let me know if it's ok to reproduce this in the zine for context!


Please email submissions to:

I can't promise to publish every story submitted, but this zine will collect the funniest, most cringe-worthy awful advice for your eye-rolling pleasure. By submitting your story you are giving HOYFC Ltd permission to publish it. Those submitting stories will be consulted on any significant editing to their submission, and will have a time limited opportunity to proofread their submission prior to print. All successful submissions will receive a free copy of "Thanks Random Man, Your Opinion Is Noted". Thank you so much!




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